Self service and Service wash

Whether you need domestic or commercial laundry services feel free to speak to our friendly, expert team today.

Self service and Service wash

Whether you need domestic or commercial laundry services feel free to speak to our friendly, expert team today.

Self Service and Service Washes for Domestic and Commercial Customers

Here at Bare Launderette, we are a small friendly business who are a part of our local community, offering laundry services for both domestic customers and local businesses in Morecambe, Lancaster, Heysham and surrounding areas. From duvets and sleeping bags to bed linens and more, we can provide you with quality laundry services. We offer self-service laundry and service washes 7 days a week. With many years of experience in this business, we guarantee to wash your laundry to the highest standards. Ask us for details about our free collection and delivery service.

How much?

Our machines vary from £6.00 for a wash and dry cycle depending on the size of machine required. Once all your clothes are inside and you have poured in your detergent Simply insert the correct coins and the cycle will begin. A service wash including drying and folding starts at £10 per load. We also have an excellent ironing service available.


all sizes /weights of duvets washed and dried on site. Please allow 1-2 days to ensure the duvets are dried thoroughly. Down-duvets may require further drying. Prices below: • Single £13.00 • Double £15.00 • Queen/King £16.50 • King-size £18.00 We offer discounts for 2+ duvets, please speak to a member of staff for pricing details.

Our Washing Machines

All our equipment is regularly serviced, cleaned and in excellent condition-should you find this is not the case please alert a member of staff immediately. We have different sized washing for differing needs.

Ensure that garment pockets are free from personal items (ie pens, lighters etc)
Choose a machine large enough for your load – we recommend filling to approx. 75% of the capacity for the best results.
For the majority or washes, we prefer to use cycle 2. This provides a pre-wash and full wash at a temperature of 40-50 degrees. Use cycle 1 for a hotter wash and cycle 3 for synthetics. There is a cold wash option for delicates (low-spin).
If using powder and/or liquid washing detergent, add a small quantity to both drawer 1 and 2. Fabric softener can be added to drawer 3 at the beginning of the cycle or when the machine light indicates. Please note that washing ‘tabs’ must be added to the machine drum, not the drawer.
Close the machine door firmly, ensuring that clothes are not trapped
Insert the correct number of coins (our machines are available in 3 sizes – £4.00/£5.00/£6.00
The machine will start automatically once coins have been inserted
Each wash lasts approximately 30mins


Our dryers take 50p coins (which provides 6mins drying time).
We suggest splitting large loads into 2 dryers as the most cost-effective method.
A standard load of clothes will take (approximately) £1.50-£2.00 to dry.
Heavier loads (such as towels, work-clothes and denims) may take longer
To begin drying, simply insert a 50p coin and press hi-load. The dryer will begin once the door is fully closed.
The door can be opened during the drying process, however, ensure that ‘hi-load’ is re-pressed to begin the process again. Additional coins can be added at any point to increase the drying time.

Change for the washing-machines and dryers can be obtained during staffed hours (9.30-2pm Monday-Friday)

Better yet, see us in person!

We pride ourselves on a ‘personal touch’ service and quality we give to our customers. So why not give us a try and see how effective we can be for you-just call us for details on 0774 7099515.

Competitive rates for larger ironing orders
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